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Tube Management System

Product introduction:

Considering that most subway tunnels at home adopt shield tunneling technology and molding tunnel is mainly supported by circular tube, the tube splicing quality has a direct impact on molding tunnel. Moreover, the type setting, selection and predication of tube are of great importance during underground tunnel construction. The scientific tube type setting, selection and predication can enhance construction efficiency and minimize tube slab staggering, crack, water seepage and breaking caused by human errors, moreover, the influence caused by wrong shield tunneling attitude can also be prevented.

In view of tube’s geometric size, construction restrictions, logic relations, weight of influence, as well as environment in construction site, Raising has designed a set of automatic tube management procedure which can input a few parameters and work simply to select, typeset and predicate the tube. Thanks to its graphics and figures, the splicing operator can enjoy vivid calculation results. 

Product characteristics

Software features

■Use simply and only input the basic known data

■Support universal and common tube

■Have various selections and weighting schemes

■Manually input and automatically measure shield tail gap

■Operate software in humanized manner

Technical parameters

Software module

Configuration   parameters

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