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Raising TBM Digs Into Big Data Platform

Product introduction:

At present, the domestic subway and tunnel construction have been in peak hours. Due to numerous construction units and booming underground works in big cities, the subway owners, engineering bureaus, shield tunneling machine manufacturers are faced with huge and complicated management in their projects, subway lines and shield tunneling equipment. In such case, traditional extensive management can’t satisfy modern construction requirements. TBM big data platform is born at the right moment to satisfy data summary, remote management, data statistics, quality control, risk warning and real-time data monitoring during projects under construction. Thus, the intelligent and digital construction enjoys data supports. 

Product characteristics

Brief introduction of function

◆Integrated module:It can show integrated project information under current user authority in list. Users can position some or certain project according to city, line and construction status.

◆Monitoring management:It can fully control the guiding data and real-time data of shield tunneling machine, view historical and real-time data and draw curve according to these data.

◆Guiding management:Users can view line linear data, design axis data, zero configuration data, hanging basket information, measuring results and tube forming quality.

◆Construction management:It can control engineering information, geological information, shift schedule, alarm information routing in grades, project information, files and photos.

◆Measuring check:It can control overground control measurement, underground control measurement, connection measurement, tube detection data and results.

◆Detection management:It can control data upload, statement query, alarm information and detection data.

◆Equipment management:It can control monitoring information, initial data query and accessories maintenance.

◆Tunneling management:It can control the real-time parameters, tunneling status and speed of shield tunneling machine. 

Product overview

One data center:  

Shield big data warehouse based on Hadoop

Two platforms:

Shield big data integrated service platform

Shield big data operational security platform 

Eight function modules:

 Integrated module, monitoring management, guiding management, tunneling management, measuring check, detection management, construction management, equipment management


Software features

■Gather TBM running data automatically

■Control site conditions accurately at any times and places

■Gather construction and guiding data in real time

■Technical architecture of big data based on HADOOP

■Rich chart analysis and statement generation functions

■Risk source management, early warning and progress management

■Alarm information routing in grades and real time

■Refined authority management system

■Stable, reliable and extendable

Technical parameters

Hardware parameters


Intel Xeon Processor E5-2660V4 14C/28T 2.0CHz 35M 9.6GT/s105W



Hard disk




Internal storage




Software parameters

◆Operating system of server: CentOS 7.3

◆Database:Spark, HBase, PDS(BAOSIGHT industrial real-time database), OTS(BAOSIGHT industrial semi-structured database), Postgresql

◆Middleware:SSM frame, JDT development skeleton, AAS (authority certification skeleton), CCS (class code service skeleton), CVS (configuration service skeleton)

◆Application system: BAOSIGHT big data platform, TBM cloud big data platform